Notification of creditors and customers / counterparties

Notification of creditors and clients / contractors about the transfer of the Tula branch of CB “Euro-Asian Investment Bank” LLC to the status of the Tula operational office of CB “Euro-Asian Investment Bank” LLC

CB “Euro-Asian Investment Bank”  LLC (hereinafter – the Bank) hereby notifies of the transfer from December 3, 2018: of the Tula branch of the Euro-Asian Investment Bank Commercial Bank (Limited Liability Company) located at the address: Russian Federation, 300041 Tula , st. Revolutions, 5, in the status – Tula operational office of the Commercial Bank “Euro-Asian Investment Bank” (Limited Liability Company), (Tula NGO CB “Eurasian Investment Bank”), with the same location.

These organizational measures are aimed at improving the Bank customer service system and optimizing the management of banking processes.

Obligations and claims arising from contracts previously concluded by the Branch on behalf of the Bank do not lose their force.

The transfer of the Branch Office into the status of the Operations Office will not entail any changes in the rights of the Bank and its duties towards creditors and customers.

At the same time, the Bank informs that it is fully liable for obligations to clients of the Branch being closed.

The number of the Bank correspondent account to which cash balances from the accounts of the Branch being closed are transferred: c / ch 30101810945250000132 to the State Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District, BIK 044525132, TIN / KPP 7712034098/770401001.
All customers will be able to continue their service at the same address, without changing the service schedule.

Telephone for information: 8 4872 25 90 01; 8 (495) 363-95-93.