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“Golden Crown – Money Transfers” is a service of fast, addressless delivery in Russia, countries of the near and far abroad. The service allows individuals to send money without opening an account quickly, safely and conveniently.

We guarantee:

  • convenience – more than 60 000 service points in banking facilities and outlets such as: «Euroset», «MTS», «Beeline», «Megafon» and other;
  • fast – transferred money is available in several minutes after sending;
  • addressless transfers – it is just enough to select a country along with a residential place where a transfer should be delivered. The recipient chooses the most suitable service point;
  • control – checking the transfer status is available online 24/7 on the web page «Golden Crown –Money transfers» or in the free mobile application «Money transfers» (6+, available to download in AppStore and Google Play);
  • affordable – low rates starting from 0% to all directions. Currency of the transfer – RUR, USD, EURO, and also national currency*.

Special rate 0% for transfers including currency conversion:

While processing money transfer at any bank in Russia, please select receiving currency that is the most suitable for a recipient (USD, EURO or one of the national currencies*), pay transfers in rubles while currency conversion in the rate of SNCO «Payment Center» (LLC), the commission will be 0%.**

Rates for transferring «Golden Crown»

The service is free of charge for recipient.

How to make a transfer:

  • Select any service point «Golden Crown» on the web site.
  • Provide identification document.
  • Provide full name of a recipient, his/her country and residential place.
  • Provide mobile phone numbers (sender`s and recipient`s).
  • Sign a transfer request..
  • Deposit transferring amount at the bank.

How to receive transfer at a bank:

  • Select any service point «Golden Crown» on the web site.
  • Provide identification document.
  • Provide a control number of a transfer.
  • Inform a bank representative on suitable receiving currency.
  • Sign a request for receiving a transfer.
  • Get cash from a bank.

You can locate the closest service points on the web site «Golden Crown – Money Transfers» or in the free mobile application «Money transfers» (6+, available to download in AppStore and Google Play).

Additional information about «Golden Crown – Money Transfers» – on the web site or by 24/7 phone line of support service +7 (495) 96-00-555 (calls are rated according to the policy of your service provider).

*Information about available currencies for each particular country should be specified with a bank representative while processing a transfer.

**The rate is available from 10.06.2015 г. In case of money transfer conversion into USD, EURO, national currency in the rate of SNCO «Payment Center» (LLC) on sending a transfer.

Operator for money transfers – SNCO «Payment Center» (LLC), (Kirova st.86, PSRN: 1025400002968), license CB of the RF № 3166-К от 14.04.2014. You can check the full list of organizations that provide «Golden Crown» money transfer services clicking on the following web address:

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CB “Euro-Asian Investment Bank” LLC has been cooperating with banking institutions of the Contact system since August 2010.

Dear Clients!

We inform you that the CONTACT Payment System has implemented instant replenishment of “MIR” cards.

Replenishment of the MIR card issued by any Russian bank has become available in all branches of the CONTACT system partners in Russia. In order to do this, all you need is just indicate the number of a card. The term for crediting funds is from a few seconds to 5 banking days (depending on the card issuing bank). Commission for the provision of services is 1.5% + 40 rubles. of the amount of transfer. The “MIR” card can be recharged by both the holder and a third party. Now, thanks to our service, you can send instant money transfers to MIR cards from anywhere in Russia.

Dear Clients!

By decision of the Bank of Russia dated March 26, 2015, the CONTACT Payment System was given a nationally significant status, which means that it complies with the special requirements of the Law on the National Payment System.

The possession of a payment system with a nationally significant status meets the adopted parameters of security and reliability of payment services, including remittances, in the territory of the Russian Federation.

International money transfer system “CONTACT”

At any office of the Euro-Asian Investment Bank, you can make money transfers using the CONTACT system in Russia, to countries of near and far abroad in rubles, US dollars and euros. You can make payments without opening an account in favor of legal entities – operators and service providers. Repay loans, pay for communication services (cellular, TV, Internet and IP telephony), payment systems, game portals and online games, replenish an account or card, pay for services of air carriers, tour operators, etc.

Tariffs are set at a level from 0.3% to 3% depending on the direction, currency and amount sent. The speed of delivery of funds ranges from 15 minutes to several hours. The maximum amount of transfer is 500 thousand rubles. (across the Russian Federation), 350 thousand rubles. or 10 thousand US dollars / euro (to neighboring countries), 20 thousand US dollars / euro (to foreign countries).

CONTACT transfers have several forms of payment – in cash at the points of the CONTACT system or credited to the accounts of individuals or legal entities opened in any bank in Russia, Europe, the USA, Canada, Vietnam, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India, Thailand, New Zealand and Singapore (service CONTACT-Account).

Addresses of transfer points and rates on the website of money transfer «CONTACT»

 Money transfers “Contact” tariff “Excellent” from 25.08.2014

 “Memo of electronic cash”

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