One-time loan

Сумма кредита

Loan amount

From 100,000 rubles

Срок кредита

Loan term

Up to 5 years

Процент одобрения

Approval percentage

90% Approval

Решение по кредиту

Loan decision

up to 30 minutes

Loan name

Loan «one-time»

For whom

for individuals


from 9.5%

Loan term

up to 5 years

Required documents

Passport, certificate of income confirmation (in the form of the bank), the second document confirming the identity

Loan amount

from 100,000 to 1,000,000 rubles.

Description of the credit program

 General terms and conditions of a consumer loan agreement (one-time issue, line of credit with a limit of issue, line of credit with a debt limit)

 Memo of a borrower of consumer loans

Commissions for credit operations (including operations for issuing bank guarantees) provided by CB «Euro-Asian Investment Bank» LLC to legal entities and individuals (except for banks)

Effective from 21.03.2018

 Download credit commissions

 Download current commissions for credit operations

Calculate loan

  • 30 t.
  • 100 t.
  • 200 t.
  • 1 mln.
  • 3 m.
  • 12 m.
  • 36 m.
  • 60 m.

The calculation is preliminary. The exact rate and amount of the loan will be determined at the registration of the contract. The bank has the right to refuse to issiue a loan without explanation.

Monthly payment
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