Business support

Lending program for legal entities from CB “Euro-Asian Investment Bank” LLC “Business support”

Type of activityTrading and other activities
Loan purposeReplenishment of working capital, purchase of fixed assets

  • the acquisition of inventory, equipment, vehicles;
  • real estate rental;
  • other current economic and financial costs;
Maximum credit limitup to 70 million rubles
Loan currencyRubles
Credit termUp to 3 years
Form of lending
  1. Single issue
  2. Credit line with a limit of issue
  3. Credit line with a debt limit – tranches for 180 days.
Repayment orderMonthly repayment of %, repayment of principal on individual terms.
Annual interest rateFrom 15%Up to 25%
Requirements for the BorrowerLocation of the Borrower’s business in the regions where the Bank operates:

  • Moscow
  • Moscow region;
  • Tula region
Term from registration date not less than 12 months
  • No negative factors
  • Positive business reputation
  • Lack of significant enforcement proceedings
The presence of a positive credit history, confirmed by a report of the NBCH and / or certificates from banks.
Transfer of turnovers to CB “Euro-Asian Investment Bank” LLC within 2 months from the date of signing the loan agreement. The volume of turnover depends on the amount of the required loan.
Loan securityPledge

  • real estate; and / or movable property (equipment, transport, special equipment); and / or
  • the guarantee of the Small Business Lending Assistance Fund; and / or
  • goods in circulation (stock balance); and / or
  • no

  • business owners (notarized consent of the spouse);
  • general director of the company (notarized consent of the spouse);
  • Individual entrepreneur;
  • Legal entity;
  • no
Additional termsThe age of guarantors of individuals on the filing date of the application from 20 to 60 years
The presence in the property of guarantors of real estate (apartment, house, commercial real estate, land) and / or movable property.
The guarantor should not be in the stage of insolvency (bankruptcy).
Additional termsPartial (full) early repayment is made at the request of the client at a convenient time.

Commission for early repayment is not charged.

The amount of early repayment is not limited.
The term of consideration of the loan application7 working days from the date of submission of a full package of documents
Term of the decision on granting a loan1 calendar month from the date of the decision of the Bank  Finance and Credit Committee
Term of the decision on granting a loanIn accordance with the approved full list of documents
required for obtaining a loan, for potential borrowers CB “Euro-Asian Investment Bank” LLC.