One of the partners of CB “Euro-Asian Investment Bank” LLC is a factoring company. Bank customers are given the opportunity to use factoring.

Factoring is a commission transaction for the unsecured financing of a supplier of products or services against its receivables.

Conditions of use:

  •         parties are not individuals
  •         cashless payments
  •         payment deferment
  •         non-one-time deliveries

Factoring benefits for a supplier:

  •         Instant replenishment of turnover – money in the amount of 90% of a delivery
  •         Protection against late payments – grace period of waiting for payment from a buyer
  •         Controlling customer payments – outsourcing work with receivables
  •         90% guarantee for customers’ payments – 90% of delivery is to be returned in case of non-payment
  •         Improving the quality of receivables

Benefits of factoring for a buyer:

  •         Regular and uninterrupted supply of products – unlimited growth in supply volumes
  •         Guaranteed terms and volumes of commodity lending
  •         Reliability and financial stability of a supplier
  •         Unlimited growth in deliveries of a needed product
  •         A tolerant creditor’s attitude to reasonable late payments – loyal to reasonable late delays;
  •         Guaranteed deliveries at seasonal peaks

For all questions you can contact the Office of active-passive operations.

Tel. +7 (495) 363-95-93 (ext. 262, 261)