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Changes in currency legislation from 01.03.2018

Entry into force:

> 01.03.2018 Bank of Russia Instructions dated 16.08.2017 No. 181 -I “On the procedure for the provision by residents and non-residents to authorized banks of supporting documents and information when performing foreign exchange transactions, on uniform accounting and reporting forms for foreign exchange transactions, and the procedure and timing for their submission” hereinafter – Instruction No. 181 -I)


> 01.03.2018 Bank of Russia Instructions dated 4.06.2012 No. 138-I “On the procedure for residents and non-residents to submit to the authorized banks documents and information related to conducting currency transactions, the procedure for issuing transaction passports, and the procedure for accounting by authorized banks for currency transactions and control their conduct ”(hereinafter – Instruction No. 138-I)

 Changes in currency legislation from 01.03. 2018

Dear Clients!

Please be advised Letter of the Bank of Russia dated 22.12.2014,  N 216-T.


In addition to the letter of the Bank of Russia dated 03.10.2014 N 168-T “On increasing the attention of credit institutions to individual customer transactions”, we inform that on the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the “Electronic Services” section there is an electronic service “Informing taxpayers about receipt of applications for importing goods”. and payment of indirect taxes ”, which allows participants in foreign trade activities within Customs Union to receive information on the receipt of an electronic copy of the Application for the importation of goods and payment of indirect taxes from the tax authorities of the country -importer (applicant) to the tax authorities of the exporting country of the Customs Union (hereinafter – the Statement).

This electronic service allows concerned parties to verify in real time the fact of receipt of the application by the Russian importer to the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

The Bank of Russia recommends that credit institutions use the specified electronic service as part of the program for managing the risk of legalizing (money laundering) criminal proceeds and financing terrorism in making payments by Russian residents — clients of credit institutions as part of trade agreements (contracts) for which goods are imported to the territory of the Russian Federation from the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and funds are transferred to the accounts of residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan in banks located in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Of the Central bank

Of the Russian Federation


As an agent of currency control CB “Euro-Asian Investment Bank” LLC:

  • Carries out control of currency operations carried out by Clients for compliance with laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.
  • Advises Clients on the issues of compliance of foreign economic contracts (their projects) of the currency legislation requirements of the Russian Federation.
  • Consults clients on the issues of executing a transaction passport.
  • At the Customer’s request draws up statements of banking control on transaction passports executed at the Bank.

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